Perception is a relative thing. You and I, dear reader, may perceive different moments in different ways or, contrariwise, may have the same emotions.
In my work I research how the world outside influence on the person, how the feelings change depending on the space and context in which the person is.

I am looking for strong emotions related to familiar objects / figures that most people feel subconsciously.
When I catch emotions, I intensify it in painting through:
- abstract composition in geometry and color - it helps to generalize the meaning, not to be attached to a specific moment
- different compositions - for showing how the same figure can evoke different emotions, or, conversely, how the same emotion can be expressed through different figures
- details - 3-4 tasty details stand out in the works, it helps to make a focus on the main emotion
- mixed techniques and materials - that help to emphasize different feelings, to create volume and depth

Painting. Mix of materials.
Searching for additional story-related materials that intensify the experience,
for example, elastic bandages, gypsus, plasticine.

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